While Away a Sunny Day at Long Gate Playground

Have a fun, relaxed day at Long Gate Playground! You’ll see a large playground area with two different playground sets, along with basketball and tennis courts, spot fields, trails, a picnic table area, and more. Children can play on the monkey bars and go down the slides, with one section for the big kids and the other for the smaller ones. Adults can unwind, too, and have lunch at one of the picnic tables or take a stroll around the park. 

“There are plenty of playgrounds in Howard County,” says a Yelp reviewer. “But, few are quite as cool as this one.” It’s the kind of place you can spend a few hours on the weekend or any time, taking in the sunshine and pretty views of the lake along with a clean park setting to relax in. An ice cream truck visits every now and then as well for those in need of a yummy treat while you hang out at the park. 


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