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What’s Your Favorite Sauce at Ledo Pizza in Elkridge?

Pizzerias aren’t necessarily synonymous with variety, but the options sure are plentiful at local favorite Ledo Pizza. Sure, they have all your favorite standbys, like handcrafted pizza, salads, and subs, but they also have menu items that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Ledo Pizza has unique flavors like hot honey that makes all the difference in a classic pepperoni pie or basic calzone. Having a pizza one night, and then an Old Bay chicken pie the next day is a completely different experience. And because Ledo’s sauce and dressing is so iconic, the restaurant has bottled them both, and sells them alongside the eatery’s most popular pasta shapes in the Ledo grocery store. 

When you tally up all the options, Ledo Pizza will have you eating well for weeks. Online ordering is available via the website for the nearby Elkridge location on Troy Hill Drive. Be sure to add Ledo Pizza’s $5 square deals onto any order. Those value-priced pies are the best way to fill your refrigerator with an anytime lunch or snack.


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