Wegmans: A One-Stop Shopping Spot Near The Refinery

Wegmans is a store where you can find all the essential items you may need in one convenient store. The cavernous supermarket in Columbia works overtime as a beer store, produce stand, florist, pharmacy, butcher, and more. While you search for groceries to take home, you’ll get to enjoy a casual setting with bright lighting and well-stocked and -organized shelves.

They also have five restaurants in the store: The Burger Bar by Wegmans, Amore by Wegmans, The Lounge, Next Door by Wegmans, and Wegmans Market Cafe. You can order anything from pizza and salads to sushi, shrimp, pasta, burgers, and wine. It all depends on what mood you’re in and what place interests you most. Wegmans makes for a great stop to pick up a few groceries and grab a coffee from their cafe or meet up with friends and have a gourmet meal.


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