It’s Never Too Cold for a Cone From Cindy’s Soft Serve

Are you an ice-cream lover? If so, Cindy’s Soft Serve needs to be a weekly tradition. This beloved ice cream shop is a local institution and has been since they opened over 25 years ago. The shop is an “old school” location where you walk up to the window and eat outside, perfect for a mild evening. 

One go-to for many is the snowballs. These ice-cold treats are made with shaved ice and flavor added in. You can order everything from tropical pina colada to simple vanilla; it just depends on your preference! If you’re a fan of a creamier dish, grab the banana split with vanilla soft serve and all the whipped cream. When ordering a cup or cone, you can choose from flavors like black cherry or coffee n’ cream. They have all the best toppings, so pile your order high with all your favorites.

The line can get long, but it moves quickly, so don’t be discouraged!


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