Green Valley Market: A Locally Owned Grocery Store Near The Refinery

At Green Valley Market, their motto is “Eat right, live well!” With minimal effort, you’ll be able to do just that by adding this store to your grocery shopping routine. When you shop at Green Valley Market, you’ll be met with remarkable quality and extensive selection, whether you’re looking for a particular product or making your way through your weekly grocery list.

For many shoppers, Green Valley Market is their go-to grocery store. Unlike many shops focused on organic and natural products, their prices remain affordable, with rates comparable to those you’d find at any major grocery chain. It’s worth noting, too, that the Green Valley staff is also lauded with rave reviews—customers take to Yelp and other platforms to share their enthusiasm. It’s not often people are so passionate about a grocery store!

Best of all, though, Green Valley Market lives up to their offer of helping you “eat right” in every sense of the phrase. Of course, their natural, affordable foods are undeniably a healthy option. But, just as importantly, Green Valley is locally owned and stocks a variety of local products. With that, your groceries can support your community, too—and few missions can be more right than that.


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