Escape your Everyday Life with an Escape Room Experience

Come experience Baltimore’s top escape room: Breakout Games. Experience 5-star immersive entertainment with your family and friends and escape normal life as you solve puzzles to escape your room and become the hero of your story.

Breakout Games has 8 different, thrilling, and challenging themes escape rooms to choose from to make sure you and your group have a fantastic time. Whether you bring your family, friends, or make it an office team building experience, you’ll have a great time and put your skills to the test.

Try the Mystery Mansion, The Island Escape, The Museum Heist, or any of the other available escape room themes. Bring as little as 2 people, or larger groups and see if you can solve all of the puzzles and get out before the 60-minute timer expires. Check out their webpage for more information about the rooms, pricing (the more you bring, the better the value), hours, and availability.

Breakout Games is located at 8661 Robert Fulton Drive in Columbia, Maryland. They even offer a clever riddle on their webpage, that if you can successfully solve, you can get yourself a nice discount. 

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