818 Market Is a European-Style Market and Restaurant Near The Refinery

Newly opened near The Refinery, 818 Market is a charming grocery shop-meets-restaurant located in the heart of Catonsville. When you walk in the shop, it looks like your average local grocery store, just a little more tastefully designed and with a European twist. But once you really start wandering, that’s when you find the good stuff! You’ll find a bakery, seafood counter, floral shop with fresh-cut blooms, and a gourmet cheese stop with hundreds of tasty imported cheeses and meats to try. They also have a restaurant upstairs with plates like mushroom tarts, tuna tartar, pork belly with turmeric-sage apple puree, short rib with red wine demi-glace, and more. 

If you’re not sure what to do for Valentine’s Day, a visit here is a one-stop-shop for a romantic date night at home. All the fixings for a delectable charcuterie board, bubbly, and chocolates—don’t forget to visit the floral shop for a darling bouquet to complete the presentation. Or you can grab takeout from the restaurant for an extra special meal at home. Either way, you’ve got lots of options to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home!


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